Our collection model is tailored to consumers that will not voluntarily pay. Once positive determination is made by our investigator’s, with your approval, we will move the account to Legal. At this time, through the judicial process we will seek a judgment against your debtor by preparing a civil lawsuit for the court.

Those accounts that can’t be moved to legal at this time, will continued to be worked. Just because a debtor isn’t collectable today, doesn’t means they are not collectable tomorrow. With this being said, Ashford & Lowell Associates will continue to periodically search for information so if the debtor’s economic status improves and becomes suit worthy, legal action can now ensue.

We do not call and harass debtors. Our strategy is to use the full measure of the judicial system to recover your money.

Throughout the years our team has proven this approach effective by successfully locating and garnishing millions of dollars from thousands of judgments debtor’s. Although effective, this aggressive methodology is clearly no a fit for everyone. With this being the case, if you do not intend to recover your money through the judicial process by involuntary wage garnishments or other legal remedies, we are not a fit for you.